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Register an account

Register for a Edura account is fast and easy.

Go to  and click on Login & Signup in the top right corner of the page and choose “Sign Up Now”

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Product warranty

You can check product warranty through:

  1. Warranty card inside your package
  2. Under tab Specifications on product page
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Product informations

On the product page, you can read all the product information (e.g. product size, warranty duration, manufacturer name, etc.) under tab “Product details” and “Specifications”.

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Shipping rates

Shipping rates are calculated based on weight, dimensions, origin, and destination. It’s also based on your selected shipping option. We do offer FREE SHIPPING for some specific items.

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Vendor requirements

Other that accepting Edura Vendor Terms & Condition, new vendor need to full fill basic Vendor Requirements based on their category:

1. Student / University Staff

  • Student / Staff ID
  • MyCard copy

2. Personal

  • MyCard copy

3. Organization

  • Company registration number (SSM)
  • Contact person MyCard copy
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Are you accepting new vendors?

Yes. We are always looking to partner up with vendors who offer wonderful product and service choices for our customers. Click here and fill in our Vendor Pre-Registration Page.

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